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It’s here. It’s no longer just for the affluent or tech-obsessed young consumers. Smart home technology is becoming an integral part of our everyday lives.

What is a smart home? It’s a home equipped with smart products connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to control or automate the functions of a house. Thermostats that learn to adjust the temperature automatically based on your schedule, lightbulbs that you can control from your phone, doors that automatically lock when you leave the house are just a few examples of home automation.

How can you find out if your home is considered smart? Check out the CNET Smart Home Definition.

A smart home provides security, energy savings and convenience‐it can also increase the marketability of a listing for sellers.

The Alanya & Partners Real Estate Smart Home Marketplace Survey found that nearly half of consumers say smart home technology is important for their current home or their next home purchase.

So be on the lookout for smart home icons when you are searching for an agent or smart homes for sale.

Alanya & Partners is dedicated to educating home buyers and sellers about the benefits of a connected home. Here are a handful of products from some of the biggest names in smart homes technology.


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